Collegiate Softball Connection is run by noted recruiting expert, Catharine Aradi. Through her book, clinics, and consulting service, she has helped thousands of softball players successfully "make the cut" at the college level! She is “on call” at all times to guide you and your family through the college search process. CSC works with softball players and college softball teams all over the U.S. and Canada.

CSC alumni are playing at all levels of collegiate competition, including Top 25 Div. I, II, III, and NAIA programs. CSC's secondary purpose is to enable college coaches to broaden their recruiting base by sending them information on great prospects from all over the country. CSC works directly with between 450 and colleges providing them with player bios, video links, and reminders about tournaments CSC clients are attending.

CSC’s “Target Zone” schools represent a cross section of programs increasing your chance of finding the best collegiate fit.  (Remember, 75% of all college teams-and therefore 75% of all college players-compete at the Div. II, Div. III, or NAIA level. As an athlete, you need to explore as many of your options as possible.)

CSC offers two levels of service and will be helpful to any serious ball player who wants experienced, knowledgeable guidance through the college search. Athletes are encouraged to sign up for the
Fast Track option between their sophomore and junior year in high school, but they may register at any time up until the middle of their senior year.  Families can join the Basic Connection at any time.  (Ask about team/group discounts!)

Collegiate recruiting is extremely competitive, but if you know how to identify your personal target zone, and how to aggressively market your skills and experience, you'll be the prospect college coaches want to recruit! By choosing to partner with CSC, you will have all the resources you need to find the college and team that are right for you!  Remember, college coaches aren’t recruiting fancy web pages, and most don’t have the time to sit and surf the web looking for players. They want to know that you’re interested in their school, their team, their game. CSC will help you make this happen! 

For more information, please call 415-456-6449, email, or download a brochure.  (Ask about team discounts!)


TALK IS CHEAP…GOOD ADVICE IS PRICELESS!    If you feel in charge of your player’s college search, but have questions you want answered by an expert, consider a phone consultation!  The cost is $30.00 per 30-45 minute call. Once the fee is paid, Cathi Aradi will set up a time to discuss your athlete’s college search.  (Please have a list of questions ready when you call so that you can make the most of your time!)   For more information email

EXCEL SPREADSHEET.  If you are Excel proficient and would like to purchase an Excel formatted version of the college list from Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level---school/coach/address/phone/email--please email: for more information. (Proof of purchase of the book is required, and there is a $30 processing fee.)

  CSC SERVICES  To purchase any CSC services, please use one of the PayPal payment options below. If you have problems, please phone 415-456-6449 or email: Thanks!



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Educating Families, Empowering Athletes, Ensuring A Successful College Search!
Payment Amounts
Phone Consultation: $30.00
Spreadsheet: $30.00 (proof of purchase required)
Basic Connection: $130.00
Fast Track: $550.00
Partial Payments (Please call CSC before making a partial payment.)

Educating Families, Empowering Athletes, Ensuring A Successful College Search!

"Parents pay for a pitching coach, a hitting coach, a travel coach, a conditioning coach, and a tutor. Don't shy away from paying for a recruiting coach because that may be the one coach your daughter needs the most!!!"  Dad of a current CSC client    
To order my book, PREPARING TO PLAY SOFTBALL AT THE COLLEGIATE LEVEL, by itself, please go to the book page. Thanks!