Question: Signing In November
What percentage of Div l & Div ll softball players sign letters of intent during the early signing period (November)...75%,50%, 25%??? I have a tentative offer at a Div l school which I will be visiting during the week of early signing. I feel pressure to sign early, but I'm concerned that I have not visited any other schools. The coach has indicated that if I don't sign early the offer will go to someone else. I do have offers to visit schools in January, but those schools are D-II and can't match the academics of the school that wants me to sign early. Any advice, and what's the percentage that sign early??

Answer: Signing In November

I wouldn't want to guess at the exact percentage of kids who sign early, but, I'm fairly comfortable saying that the majority of kids who do eventually commit to or sign at a school (and that includes D-I, II, III and NAIA as well as JC programs) will make those commitments in the spring.  It's possible that half of the kids who will sign at a Div. I program sign early because D-II and NAIA schools as well as JC's often tend to sign kids later.  But many D-I schools will also still be looking at kids after the early signing.

What's difficult is to get new coaches to look at you or pursue you as winter progresses.  Since they won't have really any opportunities to see you in person (except local coaches who might see some HS ball), it can be tough for a coach to make a decision to recruit you.  Videos are crucial to this process, but some coaches still will want to see you in person.

My advice, however, to all players is this.  If you've visited a few schools in the fall, and you've found one you love, don't NOT sign because you (or mom and dad) want to know if bigger, better offers/schools might come along. On the other hand, if you've visited a couple of schools--or a lot--and really don't feel you've found a good college match, definitely don't sign just because you're afraid there won't be any other offers.  When kids are hesitant to sign--money aside--I've found there's usually a good reason. Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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