Question:    How are athletes admitted to colleges in relation to non-athletes?  We're looking at a school that has a very tough admittance process...ranked, very difficult to get in.  If the ACT score is in line do athletes usually get in easier than other others?

Answer:  It really depends on the college itself, its admission policies and how much "pull" the coaches in the Athletic Dept. have.  At the most selective colleges---e.g., Ivy Leagues, etc.---the coaches have some pull, but not a lot.  It's possible that a player who meets the school's admission criteria but perhaps isn't at the very top her class can get some help with admission, but a player who's below their admission minimums isn't likely to get in.  However, policies vary.  There are some academic colleges where the coaches are able to help students who might be a little below the school's admission standards get in.  It's something you have to ask about when you begin talking to a college coach. Hope this helps.