Question:  My daughter is beginning her junior year.  When should she have her video completed and when should she send out introductory packets?      

Answer:  This fall is a great time to shoot, edit and post her skills video. Then, following the guidelines in my book, she can begin to identify the broad cross  section of schools she wants to write.  She should also schedule and take her SAT and ACT and register with the NCAA and NAIA if not already registered.

She should create her resume and letter of introduction and get an unofficial copy of her mid-year transcript. Depending on the types of schools she's targeting, her completed packets can go out any time between the end of fall and the start of spring. This will enable her to go out an play travel ball next summer knowing she's done the things she needs to do! 

Again, if you want step-by-step guidelines for this process, please consult my book,
Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level.