June 28, 2020

If you want to get the information on eligibility extensions directly from the source, check out these updates below.  HOWEVER, the advice I would give to anyone who has committed for 2020 or 2021 is that you contact the coach at your intended school ASAP and find out how this may affect you. Some of the questions you might want to ask the coach include will you be red-shirted, should you take a gap year, will it affect your scholarship (if applicable), etc.

Be sure to check the NCAA website and NAIA website regularly for any possible changes to current eligibility standards. This will be particularly true for 2021graduates. 
Note: The NCAA D-I Council has now extended the Dead Period through August 31. D-II officials are in a Quiet Period through July 31.  (Check back for for D-II updates in early July as their Quiet Period may be extended as well.)

This means D-I coaches can't scout through August 31, and D-II coaches cannot scout off campus through July 31 at this time. However, D-II coaches are permitted on campus contacts where appropriate, and if allowed by their area/region, may hold on campus camps.




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I am talking to college coaches regularly, and whether or not a particular college team is impacted by the extension of eligibility will vary from school to school.  It will depend on the number of players in each grad year--2020, 2021, 2022, 2023--how many elect to use their extra year, etc.  It may also depend upon the school's division membership and the school's financial wellness.

All I can do is reiterate/repeat/restate over and over that if you expect to come out on the other side of this health crisis still really wanting to play softball in college, you cannot sit on those hands you're washing so often! Be proactive now--2021 grads especially--to make sure you're at the front of the recruiting class when coaches start looking or commitments. Remember, we just don't know how summer will play out, whether the virus will emerge again in the fall--and if so, how this will affect scouting, recruiting, school attendance, athletic competition and so on.  Life WILL return to normal, but it may take awhile, so stay patient, stay informed, stay active...and stay well!!!!

NOTE: Almost all of the coaches I'm hearing from are still eager to hear from and about new  prospects!  For information on recruiting, consult my book,
Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level, available on Amazon. The Kindle/ebook edition is only $9.95! (The paperback is $34.95.)  You can also find information about CSC's services on this website. These include free Zoom meetings on recruiting to travel teams. Thank you!

March 15, 2020

It is possible that in some areas, summer's travel ball tournaments will go on as they always have with families eagerly traveling to games. By then you will have hopefully done your job of reaching out to colleges following the guidelines I provide in my book. 

But WHAT IF the unthinkable happens?  What if concerns--real or otherwise--about the spread of the corona virus result in college coaches staying home, or worse, tournaments simply being cancelled. (Because you can't play softball in nitrile gloves while wearing N95 masks, can you?)  So, if ever there was a time for players--juniors in particular--to make sure they have their ducks in a row, this is it!

If you're really serious, you'll get your recruiting packets out in the mail to colleges ASAP and follow them up with a detailed email. Why? Because IF by some very unfortunate chance, travel ball is reduced or even cancelled--through summer or into fall--college coaches could be doing a lot of recruiting based on the players: 1) they've seen already and 2) the players who have contacted them with complete and accurate information. All I'm saying is if you're smart, you'll cover your bases just in case the best we hope for doesn't quite turn out to be what we get.  

If you need recruiting guidance, have recruiting questions, etc., email or call me.  I am waiving my regular Phone Consultation fee ($30) through the summer depending on how soon things return to normal.  I am also offering 2021 grads a $50 discount off of my
Fast Track program.  Team discounts on my Basic Connection make it another affordable option for families as do discounts on group book purchases.   (Call 415-456-6449 or email for details.) 

In the meantime, stay well! Softball needs you all.

Visit the CSC page in this website for more information on Collegiate Softball Connection or the Recruiting Workshops page to learn about the free Zoom meetings I'm offering softball teams/organizations!

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