Winter/Spring 2023

Because policies regarding Covid-19 continue to evolve, I strongly encourage you to monitor the NCAA and NCAA Eligibility Center pages. (You can search both sites for Covid-related protocol or eligibility changes.)

Individual college guidelines regarding vaccination, masking, attendance, class format, etc., vary from school to school, so before you take any recruiting trips or visit a college, you may want to check its website or ask the coach for relevant guidelines.

The pandemic could
impact recruiting as well as college health and safety protocls even after life seems to return to normal. But the extended years of Covid eligibility should cease to have a major effect on recruiting after the 2024 graduating class.  (This tends to be more of an issue at the Div. I level anyway.)  What may linger beyond restrictions and extra years of eligibility will be the financial impact Covid has had upon college enrollment, tuition, departmental and athletic funding.

Let me reiterate. If you really want to play softball in college, develop a game plan to ensure you're at the front of the recruiting class when coaches start looking for commitments. Stay patient, stay informed, stay active...and stay well!


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