July 2020

The NCAA D-I Council extended the D-I Dead Period through August 31. D-II officials extended the D-II Quiet Period through August 31 as well. (Watch for pending changes to fall recruiting calendars.) 
D-I coaches cannot scout or have face-to-face contacts with players through August 31, and D-II coaches cannot scout off campus through August 31 either. D-II coaches are permitted on campus contacts where appropriate, and if allowed by their area/region, may hold or work at camps.

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The Covid-19 pandemic
will affect recruiting, particularly for 2021 grads. Many schools have canceled or delayed fall 2020 seasons, and we won't know for a while what will happen to winter sports.  Some colleges will be open, others will be using distance learning.
2021 grads may have to consider more colleges and be even more proactive. You'll also want to be patient because it could be spring before many coaches finalize 2021 recruiting decisions.

From what college coaches are telling me, whether or not a particular college team is impacted by the eligibility extension will vary from school to school.  It will depend on the number of players in each grad year--2020, 2021, 2022, 2023--how many elect to use their extra year.  It may also depend on the school's division membership and the school's financial wellness.  (2021 grads who have already committed may want to contact the coach at your intended school ASAP. Some of the questions you might want to ask the coach include: Could you be red-shirted? Should you take a gap year? Will Covid-19 affect your scholarship (if applicable), etc.

I need to reiterate that if you think you will come out on the other side of this health crisis still really wanting to play softball in college, you cannot sit on those hands you're washing so often! Be proactive now--2021 grads especially--to make sure you're at the front of the recruiting class when coaches start looking for commitments. At this point, we don't know how many  tournaments or playing opportunities will be available this fall.  Life WILL return to normal, but it may take awhile, so stay patient, stay informed, stay active...and stay well!!!!

NOTE: The coaches I'm hearing from are still eager to hear from and about new  prospects!  For information on recruiting, consult my book,
Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level, available on Amazon. The Kindle/ebook edition is only $9.95! (The paperback is $34.95.) 

Visit the CSC page in this website for more information on Collegiate Softball Connection or the Recruiting Workshops page to learn about the free Zoom meetings I'm offering softball teams/families!

If you need recruiting guidance, have recruiting questions, etc., email or call me.  I am waiving my regular Phone Consultation fee ($30) through the summer---or until things return to normal.  Team registration discounts on my Basic Connection make it another affordable option for teams and families as do discounts on group book purchases.  

Call 415-456-6449 or email for details. In the meantime, stay safe! Softball needs you all.

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