Question: Recruiting Dead/Quiet Periods
What's the difference between a 'DEAD' period and a 'QUIET' period?

Answer: Recruiting Dead/Quiet Periods

A "dead" period is a time when coaches cannot have any contact other than phone contact with players they are recruiting. Typical dead periods include the NCAA D-I Championship tournament, the time immediately before and after the initial National Letter of Intent signing day, and the time during the NFCA convention. Coaches can't scout, visit players' homes, bring recruits in for visits, talk to them in-person, etc. A "quiet" period is a time when coaches simply cannot scout off campus.

They can still bring recruits in for visits, talk to them, and so on, but they cannot attend games, tournaments or practices where they might scout or evaluate talent. The D-I coaches have a recruiting calendar which marks specific time periods during which they can scout at travel ball tournaments. At this time, high school games/tournaments are not be affected by the recruiting calendar. (Dead period times will vary from year to year, so check with the NCAA for the specific dates in your grad year.