Question: Scholarship Funding Amounts?
I'm new to the recruiting process.  What percentage of the cost of college is covered under a typical softball scholarship?  100%, 50%, 25%?

Answer: Scholarship Funding Amounts

This is an excellent question, but one that's impossible to answer---at least I can't give one general answer to it.  A true softball scholarship---e.g., factoring in only athletic-based aid---could be any amount of money. A top Div. I program might offer a player a full ride scholarship that covers books/tuition/room/board.  (These aren't very common, by the way, despite what you may hear at the ball park!)

Far more common are partial scholarships, and they will vary from player to player and school to school---even year to year.  Two schools might offer tuition, but at a state school, this could be $7100 and represent 35% of the cost of attendance.  At a private school, this might be $40,000 and represent 75% of the cost. Because D-I's are limited to 12 full rides (total, not annually)---and most D-I's don't have the full 12---and D-II's are limited to around 7 total, realistically, almost all players receiving only softball-based aid are getting partial scholarships.  What's important to keep in mind, however, is that there are many other sources of funding.  There is a lot more academic money available than softball money, and there's also need-base and ethnicity-based money as well as other grants and loans.  So investigate all options when your athlete is looking into college funding. Hope this helps!