Question: My daughter was told by her travel ball coach that a college was very interested in her as a catcher and was going to make her an offer. A month later the travel coach was informed that that they had already verballed a catcher. Since we had visited the school and submitted transcripts, she was extremely disappointed. My daughter also plays 3rd base and outfield. Would it be okay for her to send an email to the coach reminding her that she can also play these positions? Thank you.            

Answer:  I would suggest she not only email this coach, but phone as well to discuss her interest in the school and to ask if the coach might be willing to consider her as a utility or multi-position player.  She can update the coach on her current status, and ask the coach where they are finished with all of their recruiting for her grad year.

The only consideration is whether or not you'd be willing to pay for her to go to this school as a recruited walk on.  The coach might say she will hold a spot for your daughter, but that there is no money available.  Personally, I usually consider this a risky choice for players who are used to being starters and who may not be happy sitting the bench once they get to college.  But if the school is her dream school, and it's affordable, this is always an option---e.g., she can ask about joining the team as a recruited walk on.