Question: Pitching Statistics?
What pitching statistics will college coaches be expecting to see?  What will they likely ask for in an informational profile?  Should statistics be broken out for high school and travel ball, or should they be combined?  Should we present statistics for only the current year (or most current year), or should they include all four years of high school? Do you have a good example we might follow?

Answer: Pitching Statistics

College coaches will look for basic pitching stats such as innings pitched, walks, strike outs, hits/extra base hits, earned runs and ERA.  They may also be interested in the teams she's pitched against in summer ball.  Stats should be recent...don't go back to freshman year in HS as what she did two or three years ago doesn't mean a lot...and definitely separate high school and travel ball.

I have a sample resume and letter of introduction in my book,
Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level, but always keep in mind, most coaches recruit players based on their performance when the coaches see them, in person or on video.  Other things like grades, attitudes, experience, etc., will also factor in.  Stats look nice in a college's media guide, but don't mean much in the final accounting when it comes to recruiting. Hope this helps!