Question:  When is the best time to take the SAT?  My daughter's school advisor recommended that she take the SAT in June rather than this fall.  She is going to be a junior.  A private school showing interest recommended she take the SAT this fall.  Her advisor's reasoning was she would have more classes under her belt which would make the SAT easier which I agree with her.
We are at a little bit a loss of what to do.     

Answer:  I usually recommend junior athletes take the SAT and ACT in late fall/early winter. This guarantees they will have time to work on a prep programs and take the test again if they don't do as well as they hope on the first go around. It also ensures they will have scores available for coaches and the NCAA by the end of their junior year which is helpful with recruiting. She can always take it again in late spring or next fall if she doesn't achieve the scores she wants or needs. Your counselor's advice is fine for regular students. For athletes, however, it's important to know where they stand  test-wise a little sooner.