Question: Working Out With a College Team
I have a girl who is a senior, and a Division II school has asked her to work out with them. I want to know if this will be permissible. Thanks, Joe.

Answer: Working Out With a College Team

It is permissible for athletes to work out with D-II teams, (but not D-I or D-III). However, they must have finished their sophomore year, and they can't work out during their traditional high school season. They also need a medical clearance prior to the workout. Call the NCAA for details and more information. Recruits may also work out with NAIA school teams if invited to do so.

This is actually a terrific way to show a coach what you can do.  It is generally more supportive and less pressure-filled than hoping a you can have a few great innings when a coach comes to watch you at a tournament.  I encourage players considering D-II or NAIA programs to ask the coach if a workout can be arranged.