This portion of the site will provide current information on major NCAA or NAIA guideline or rule changes.  If you have an older edition of my book, be sure to check this page regularly to ensure you have the most current information, and be sure to visit the NCAA Home Page or the NAIA Home Page for all current recruiting guidelines.

Updated January 2024

At its 2024 NCAA convention, the Div. I Council enacted new NIL guidelines and recommendations. Be sure to check the appropriate NCAA web page if you have NIL questions/concerns. There were no major recruiting guideline changes for would-be college softball players. Again, if you have questions, contact the NCAA directly.


The NCAA's Name/Image/Likeness (NIL) policies continue to evolve. For more information, click here.  The NAIA is also working on NIL guidelines. For more information, click here. These policies are likely to change as the legalities are sorted and the practical applications face the test of time. If you have specific concerns/questions about this, please contact the NCAA or the NAIA directly.

Updated January 2023

NCAA member schools voted to stop using SAT and ACT scores as part of their academic eligibility requirements. =

Note: Even though some colleges have also waived or made optional the SAT/ACT, potential collegiate athletes should continue to take an SAT or ACT starting in their junior year. Many colleges still require these tests either for admission or for merit-based aid.

The NAIA now allows a student-athlete to be eligible to compete as a freshman if he or she graduates high school with a 2.3 GPA or above. Students with a GPA below 2.3 will still need to meet the previous 2 out of 3 requirements---e.g., have a 2.0 GPA, score a 970 SAT/18 ACT and/or graduate in the top 50% of their class.  (Note: There is also a provision for high school students who have completed 3 college level courses. Consult the NAIA for deatils.)


Now for the important business!  Please remember that that 75% of all college players will compete at Div. II/III or NAIA programs. In other words only 25% of players will ultimately be impacted by Div. I guidelines, so this calendar change will have no impact on players being recruited by or pursuing Div. II, III and NAIA colleges! 
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