Coaches at all levels of college softball are looking for prospects. But competition for scholarships and starting positions on college teams gets tougher every year. Out of the many talented softball players who hope to play in college, only about one in fifteen will "make the cut".  In this recruiting workshop, participants (parents, coaches and/or athletes) can learn:

• what it takes to play at the next level
• the "facts of life" about college softball—competition, academics, scholarships, etc.
• what coaches look for in their athletes
• how to effectively market yourself to college coaches
• how to find your "wow factor" schools!

Softball recruiting expert Catharine Aradi provides an overview of the college search process and discusses what it takes to "make the cut". The workshop runs about 60 minutes depending on the length of the question and answer session and can be hosted by high school or travel teams as well as softball families. If your team or organization would like to host a Zoom Recruiting Workshop, contact
NOTE: You can also request a Zoom "Academics and Recruiting" meeting which focuses primarily on NCAA/NAIA eligibility, academic issues,
core classes, determining GPAs, fixing academic problems, when to take AP classes and more.

The cost of these Zoom workshops depends on the number of participants. Contact for details.

(To attend a Zoom workshop, participants will need to download and set up the free Zoom app on their phones, tablets or computers )


A ZOOM RECRUITING WORKSHOP - Next Free Workshop: 2/25/24 @ 3 pm
Fastpitch Recruiting Web Source
Fastpitch Recruiting Web Source
Here's what participants are saying about the Zoom Recruiting Meetings:

"Coaches/Parents, when you want to learn anything, you start at the top.  That’s why you should call Cathi Aradi to learn about softball recruiting.  Her guide is the one book that college coaches across the country always recommend.”  
Danny Gershwin, Georgia Academy Power

"I've known Cathi for over 25 years, and there is no one better at softball recruiting. Cathi is great at what she does! She has a plethora of knowledge and information to share. During our organization Zoom call with Cathi she gave all of us--coaches, players, and parents--tons of information including updates on how COVID-19 is affecting recruiting. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Cathi and using her knowledge and information to help our players achieve their dreams of playing at the collegiate level.”  Melanie Alkire/Bill Ruiz, Lady Wolfpack Gold (Nor Cal.)

"Cathi was a wealth of knowledge for my team during a recent Zoom meeting. She gave great advice and realistic examples of what my team should be considering in their recruiting process. We are excited to work with Cathi and can't wait for our girls to reach their dreams of playing softball at the next level with her guidance!"  Tony Romano, Team Fury Softball

"I appreciate you taking the time for the Zoom meeting with my team!  I thought it was well done and liked the personal feel of somebody that cares.  I really liked the stats you brought up and think it is a very helpful tool for the players."
Clint Rhinehart, WA Voodoo Gold

"I just wanted to thank you again on behalf of our whole team.  You were awesome and very easy to listen to! The opportunity for our girls to talk with someone like yourself was fantastic. We greatly appreciate your time and energy! 
Missy Cutchall,Tri-State Thunder Gold

"We truly appreciate what you do to help young athletes, and are so grateful you are hosting the free virtual sessions.  As the Recruiting Counselor of our organization, I was thrilled to learn from you. Your analogies and explanations were phenomenal and well thought out. I really believe you connected with our girls. You told the truth without sugar-coating it, and that is some of the most valuable information high school athletes need to understand."
Lauren Warner, Recruiting Counselor/18U Gold Coach, Pitbulls Fastpitch

"The uncertainty caused by the events of this year has made a lot of players very uncomfortable. For high school juniors recruiting is a particular concern. To address those concerns and help our players develop a plan (and give them back a sense of control) we asked Cathi to speak with our team. As always, she provided a tremendous amount of information about the constraints colleges are operating under, about the impact of eligibility changes, and, most importantly, about how players can navigate these complexities. All of her information was useful, but her biggest impact was the sense of progress and regaining control that the players felt."  Mic Bowman, Formerly with Oregon Blaze Gold

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