(See recent CSC signings and commitments at the end of these references.)

CSC parents are often heard saying things like, "It's so great to have someone you can call at any hour of the day to answer your recruiting questions..." and…"Cathi kept us moving forward, and she made sure our daughter explored all of her options."

It's tempting to sign up for a multi-sport, corporate recruiting service that has a glitzy web site and promises your player's information will be seen by thousands of colleges. The appeal of these companies is understandable because they make it appear you won't have to do any work.. However, what you don't get from them is 24-7 access to one of the top collegiate recruiting experts in the country. When you choose CSC, you'll have someone to provide knowledgeable guidance throughout the entire journey!

PARENT COMMENTS - Additional references available upon request.

"We were fortunate enough to have worked with Cathi for almost three years. Her knowledge of how college softball recruiting was right on every step of the way. Following her guidelines and suggestions was instrumental in our daughter getting recruited by a number of schools. Some friends on our teams with good players decided to go it alone and ended up frustrated at the lack of recruiting they experienced." 
The Block Family, Alamo, CA.

"Cathi was a Godsend for our daughter. Her recruiting process became much more complicated when COVID hit. She was heading into the spring and summer season of her junior and senior year of high school, the most important time to get recruited when the world shut down! Cathi helped to get her skills video and player profile out to hundreds of colleges. With Cathi's program and guidance, our daughter had 6 offers by the middle of her senior year. Cathi was very responsive to any of our texts or emails and helped her find the college that was right for her both academically and athletically. Without Cathi's help and extensive network, I'm not sure where we would be right now. We highly recommend Cathi Aradi's services!"
The Tosh Family, Fremont, CA  

"Cathi Aradi is the #1 resource for softball recruiting. She literally wrote the book which other recruiting services cite from.
Do what she says and your daughter
will find a place to play in college."
The Egbert Family, Hillsborough, CA 

"Without a doubt CSC is the best value in softball recruiting to be found anywhere!  We were down to August heading into senior year, when thankfully a softball parent at a tournament gave me Cathi’s name and number.  Cathi provides a clear, individualized approach from beginning to end of what to do to give your daughter the best chance of getting recruited by a school that is a match both academically and athletically.  I whole heartedly recommend Cathi and CSC." 

The Avery Family, Alameda, CA  

"You are amazing at what you bring to families! We got a late start, but through all of this we kept pushing forward, working hard on academics, and setting the stage for visits. You were the voice of reason when we decided our best choice was the Junior College route, and by employing your program, we had several offers…  Again, I want to thank you for all you do and the dedication you show, and I will continue to send softball families your way."      
John and Kelly Trace, Grass Valley, CA

"Cathi has been extremely helpful in navigating the world of colligate sports, especially for people who are not familiar with the process.  Her guidance was invaluable for my daughter."      
The Kim Family, Palo Alto, CA

"Cathi was a truly invaluable resource through all the ups and downs of the long softball recruiting process. Her support included not just smart suggestions for effective long range strategies based on her extensive knowledge and experience, but also lots of short term advice at various key moments along the way. She was always available for a quick chat or email exchange. Cathi seems to know literally everything about how the process really works, is a straight shooter with great perspective and an excellent sense of humor, and has no agenda other than helping young women figure out how to find the right place(s) to play softball at the next level if that is their dream. For families spending so much time, energy and money on softball, I can't think of a smarter or better investment than working with Cathi. She's the BEST."    

Rob Siltanen, Alameda, CA                                                

"CSC provided invaluable help every step of the way through my daughter’s college search process. Cathi Aradi put together a list of colleges that we should look at, sent information about my daughter to a number of schools, and was always available to answer questions and provide advice.  We would not have wanted to navigate this process without Cathi's guidance." 
Kathy Storton, Los Gatos, CA                                       

"Cathi was extremely helpful in guiding our daughter with fulfilling her softball dream. She is very honest and realistic of what my daughter could achieve.  Due to Cathi, my daughter received interest from several college coaches and finally found a school that is a great fit for her. Cathi was always a phone call or email away when we had questions and concerns!"   
The Blackwell Family, Los Angeles, CA                 

"When we hired Cathi Aradi we not only got experienced, expert help with our daughter's college softball search, but also a dedicated friend. She was always available to answer our questions and by following Cathi's recommendations, my daughter received not one but three college softball scholarship offers."    

Harold Danenberg, San Jose, CA                   
"I still remember the first time we met Cathi.  My daughter and I went to her recruiting seminar to find out what the process was all about.  After listening to her speak, we walked away very impressed with her knowledge and her assessment of what it takes to get recruited.  Still, we wondered if someone from California  could help us here in NJ?  Well, we took a chance and signed on with CSC, and we are so glad that we did!  The advice Cathi gave us every step of our journey was sound and timely.  She kept us on track throughout the entire recruiting process. They say 1 in 100 kids get recruited to play a college sport, and the best advice I could give anyone is that Cathi can help you gain the edge that it takes to get your daughter recruited!  My daughter has found the ideal spot as far as we’re concerned with the perfect mix of softball and academics!   Our family is very grateful to Cathi for her professionalism and complete support throughout this entire process!"
Glen and Patty McQueen, Ewing, NJ                

“We are so thankful that we signed up with CSC.  Our daughter wanted to combine collegiate softball with a strong engineering school and Cathi was able to find a great fit for her.  In fact, our daughter’s top two candidate schools were due to Cathi’s timely and spot-on college contacts.  During this process, we’ve also found that Cathi is one of the few people that will honestly assess your daughter’s abilities, then match them with a whole host of potential colleges.  We thought we were doing all the right things, but her process takes it to the next level, and makes your daughter responsible for reaching out to the schools and coachers.  From our perspective, the CSC program was a bargain investment!”       
Stu and Ann Nakashima, San Jose, CA            

“As the niece of a former MLB player, our daughter understood the complexities of recruiting. You cannot do it alone!  Cathi is very well respected within the collegiate community, as well as on the travel ball circuit.  Our family highly recommends CSC as the preferred softball recruiting resource!”        
The Polonia-Rivera Family, Pico Rivera, CA  

“Recruiting is a unique process that can make parents and players frantic and anxious. With Cathi, each step was clearly articulated. She kept us on track, reminded us of our goals, and was extremely supportive with many good insights and recommendations along the way.  It was money well spent.”        
Brenda Kosaka, Richmond, BC Canada    

For more information, download a CSC brochure.

2024 GRADS (as of 4/21/24)
Nadia Chernich (AK), Southeastern Louisiana University
Kaliya Yco (CA), Concordia University-Irvine
Megan Lamy (CA), Aurora University
Kelsey Oviatt (CA), Aurora University
Melia Ritchie (CA), Folsom Lake Community College

2023 GRADS (as of 5/1/23)
Linh Le (CA), Duke University
Jamie McGaughey (CA), University of Hawaii
Alex Cutonilli (CA), St. Mary's College
Margo Weaver (CA), Bowie State University
Ava Perkins (CA), Lee University
Morgan Saucedo (CA), Dominican University
Rachel Block (CA), Carleton College
Diana Borrison (CA), Wellesley College
Madison Hadley (CA), Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Victoria Hadley (CA), Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Molly Reichmuth (CA), Dartmouth College
Taryn Irimata (HI), Iowa State
Athena Gonzales (CA), Rhodes College
Hollie Pardini (CA), Georgetown Univ
Aleena Helms (CA), Chapman Univ
Kathryn Piscotty (CA), Central Washington Univ
Isabelle Reyes / Ashely Reyes (CA), Ohlone College
Sierra Pasco (CA), Ohlone College
Ava Markert (CA), Renssaeler Polytechnic Institute
Keithleen Gonzales (CA), Occidental College
Ci'yanna Kim (CA), College of San Mateo

2022 GRADS (as of 6/1/22)
Lorenzza Marcacci (CA), UNLV
Kennedy Gustin (CA) CSU Northridge
Kayla Dixon (CA) Louisiana Collge
Chiara Lundin (CA) Wellesley College
Bailey McDermott (CA) Merrimack College
Maggie Paulovich (CA) Cal State Fullerton
Layla Mickelson (CA) Pace University
Carmella Muccilli (CA) Nichols State University
Savanna Messner (GA), Columbia University
Jessie Werthman (CA), New York Univ.
Kylea Chapple (CA), Wheeling Jesuit Univ.
Emeline Gaunce (CA), Wellesley College
Carina Docena (CA), Ohlone College
Vanessa Lang (CA), College of San Mateo
Izzy Epstein (CA), Chapman University
Sophia Medina (CA), Chowan University
Sofia Carroll (CA), Seattle University
Cami Restagno (CA), Lewis and Clark College

2021 GRADS (as of 4/6/21)
Rachael Bles (CA), Calif. State Univ. Chico
Mayze Menefee (CA), Southern Oregon Univ.
Kama Kaleikini (CA), Dominican Univ.
Summer Voth (CA), Calif. State Univ. Monterey Bay
Tatum Maytorena (CA), Univ. of Nevada-Reno
Morgan Bello (CA), Salve Regina Univ.
Jillian Hernandez (CA), La Sierra Univ.
Hattie Imbler-Bremner (OR), North Idaho College
Rosie Gomez (CA), Canisius College
Sofia "Tiger" Cervantes (CA), Calif. State Univ. Monterey Bay
Maddy Wallace (IL), Central Michigan Univ.
Mo Lynch (CA), Chapman Univ.
Andrea Connor (CA), La Sierra Univ.
Avery Barker (BC, Canada), Simon Fraser Univ.
Sophia Nguyen (CA), Claremont McKenna College
Marina Egbert (CA), New York University
Ashley Tosh (CA), Colorado State Pueblo

For additional references,
please contact CSC at or call 415-456-6449.
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